Needle Felt

Not that long ago a discovered the art of needle felt and was immediately hooked – I loved the way that this opened up a whole world of sculpture making using one of favourite materials: sheep’s wool.

What is needle felting, I hear you ask!? It is a process of taking wool fibres and shaping them into the desired form by repeatedly stabbing them with a tiny barbed needle, until the fibres hold together. It takes many hundreds and thousands of these stabs to produce a felted sculpture, followed by fiddly additions of the details such as eyes, nose, feet and fur.

Below you can see a selection of the little furry friends I have created. I am adding more to my collection all the time.

Commissions of your favourite animal or pet are very welcome. Some of the doggies below are pet portraits – do get in touch to discuss what you would like me to make for you, or have a look in my shop to see if I have in stock what you are looking for.

I have been selling these little fellow in my etsy shop, but I’m taking a little break from etsy, so do contact me directly.

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